Who Wore & How at Oscars 2017

I like how every year the Oscars award ceremony sets the standards for the next few season’s fashion and they are by all means admire-worthy, unlike the anything and everything on the runways and bloggers go blah-blah about them. Oscar’s red carpet is serious. Every passing artist is inspiring in some way (though they have bloopers too), but anytime better than random oversized jackets and seasonal vegetables as part of the designs.

The 2017 Oscars was ‘alright’- not much drama there, unlike Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘groupfie’, which broke the Internet, and then Obama retweeted the post. It was an overdose of excitement. This year was rather simple. Following are the mention worthy wears for this year

Scarlett Johansson looked nice. I read some sources where she is quoated as one of the worst dress artists at the award night, however I disagree. She’s wearing the right colours, perfect fabric and her hairstyle is too stylish. Her belt is just fine and not bold
Janelle Monae’s dress somehow reminds me of the mosquitoes that causes malaria. She’s wearing the right colours. Too much unneccessary details, which is confussing. She could have done better with metal colours
Priyanka Chopra – This woman is surprise pack. She’s looking incredibly good. There’s newness to her style, innovative, edgy yet not too loud. This Quantico lady has a long way to go in Hollywood
Dakota Johnson – This is 50 shades boring! Common? she was simply lazy. No words

Wearing Hats

I would like to begin by saying, I simply love hats. This black little Charlie Chaplin hat is a dear one of mine. I bought this one in one of the local street boutiques from Itaewon in Seoul, when I used to live there.



Hats, like sunglasses are a statement wear. Wear it and go! Its one of those effortless fashion wears, which captures the mood perfectly. For me the leather gloves, complimented the hat well. I enjoy the semi formal winter fashion of dressing, specially here in the prairies. I was wondering with my camera on a winter morning and I wanted to capture my sleepy winter Saskatoon neighbourhood.


Its been 10 months now and so far I am loving the western Canadian spirit of living. Different, yet familiar.


When Black meets White



img_0750 img_0752

The long cushy grey woolen Scarf

img_0609 img_0610 img_0620-1

Extreme Canadian Winter Fashion


A little feel of chilly air on my skin is awesome
A little feel of chilly air on my skin is awesome
Nothing compares to bags from Boutiques in Seoul
Nothing compares to bags from Boutiques in Seoul
Warm head for warm thoughts
Warm head for warm thoughts
Hanging earrings are show stoppers
Hanging earrings are show stoppers

Little Comfy Fashion Accessories for Winter

Sometimes just looking from behind those shades makes things easier
Sometimes just looking from behind those shades makes things easier
Mitten Gloves
Mitten Gloves
Warm navy woolen leggings makes feel January like December
Warm navy woolen leggings makes feel January like December

Top Tips for choosing a Winter Outerwear

Well, I wont debate, when it is -30 outside anything that keeps warm, is the final thing. However, life is fair and gives us choices. So if I have to choose, I would love to go for the classic looking winter overcoats. They give a soft, classic and a formal impression, all at the same time.

Few tips I would like to share for choosing a winter outerwear, which I have learned from my previous experiences are:

  1. Always watch out for the inner fabric which would be close to your body. If you are comfortable with the texture, you are almost there
  2. Buttons are important. They give the ultimate finished look to the garment. I usually like the ones which have a metallic polish to it
  3. Length is important to me. Yes, at times the long dress coats seem nice yet somehow they don’t give that edgy look, no matter what your height is. A knee length or a little above the knee(I am 5’4 inches) coat is safe for sure.

I think dressing proper, neat and smart is very important for ease, mobility and ultimately to make memories in winter

Have that h&m bag, since forever

img_0739 img_0742

Black is timeless